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Can Speech Language Therapy help your child?

If your child is experiencing any of the below characteristics, Speech Language Therapy may be able to help. 

  • Your child doesn't talk as much as other children their age

  • They have difficulty following instructions

  • Find some sounds hard to say

  • Get frustrated when they are not understood

  • Experience dysfluency (stuttering)

  • Find it hard to make friends and/or keep them

  • Are difficult to understand

  • Have some type of hearing loss or experience 'glue ear'

  • Have unusual social interactions and/or play

  • Find reading or writing challenging

Talk Together can help

  • Free consultations
    We offer a FREE no obligation initial consultation over the phone, in person, or online to discuss your child's individual needs and make next step recommendations. 

  • Individual Speech Language Therapy Programmes
    After consultation and/or assessment, we establish an individually crafted programme for your child and conduct weekly or fortnightly sessions at the family's convenience. These sessions can occur at home, at school/preschool or in our clinic. Parents, teachers or other support people in the child's life are an important part of the programme and are involved in the sessions. 

    • We will liaise with any members within your child's existing support network.

    • We are happy to receive referrals from families, schools/preschools, General Practitioners and Specialists.

  • Group Social Skills Programmes
    In addition to individual support we conduct after school and school holiday group programmes for primary, intermediate and high school aged students. Find out more here

  • Distance / Online Sessions
    You don't have to live in Canterbury to benefit from our programmes.
    Talk Together can provide quality and accessible Speech Language Therapy intervention to children and their families throughout New Zealand or overseas through their Tele-therapy programme.

  • Professional Development Courses
    If you are a parent group, teacher or allied health professional, and would like to learn more about communication development and support, we also offer professional development courses. Contact us today to discuss your area of interest and how we can help.

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