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Speech-Language Therapy

Talk Together provides speech-language therapy sessions to children between the ages of 0-18. We are able to support all communication challenges and throughout the sessions your child will work through fun and interactive activities to tackle their communication challenges.  

If your child is experiencing any of the below characteristics, speech-language therapy may be able to help.​

  • Your child doesn't talk as much as other children their age

  • They have difficulty following instructions

  • Find some sounds hard to say

  • Get frustrated when they are not understood

  • Experience dysfluency (stuttering)

  • Find it hard to make friends and/or keep them

  • Are difficult to understand

  • Have some type of hearing loss or experience 'glue ear'

  • Have unusual social interactions and/or play

  • Find reading or writing challenging

We are always happy to chat in more depth to see whether this would be a fit!

Together We Can Help


It's important to us that we ensure that we will be a fit to provide support to your child. We offer a free no obligation consultation over the phone to discuss your child's individual needs and make next step recommendations. We are happy to receive referrals from families, schools/preschools,  GPs, and specialists. 

After consultation we establish an individually crafted assessment and treatment program for your child at a frequency that suits your family's. These sessions can occur via tele-therapy or in-person. Parents, teachers or other support people in the child's life are an important part of the program and involved in the sessions. 

In addition to individual support we conduct after school and school holiday group programs. Check these out here! These groups focus on theory of mind development, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication skills, strategies for managing anxiety and emotional regulation while looking at how to form friendships and maintain them. All while having lots of fun! 


At Talk Together we understand the growing need for support for children with communication disorders and so we strive to keep costs low to remain accessible.  We are passionate about what we do and believe that by providing this support we can help change the trajectory of your child's life.  Sessions can occur at a frequency that suits families. Most families choose to have a session weekly or fortnightly. It is important to practice goals between sessions at home and/or school.

Assessment - 1hr: $110 +gst & travel costs

Intervention Sessions - 45min: $85 +gst & travel costs

New client tele-therapy bundle: $360 +gst (1hr assessment session + 4x 30min intervention sessions)

Existing client tele-therapy bundle: $360 +gst (6x 30min intervention sessions)

For full pricing, terms and conditions please contact us.

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