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Talk Together are proud to be the sole distributor of Starling Language Trackers in New Zealand and Australia.

The Starling is a small clip on device that a baby/preschooler wears, it counts the amount of words the child hears and sends the data via Bluetooth straight to an app on a parent or caregiver's phone. It is essentially a FitBit but for language with the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of talk a child hears to aid language development.

Some of the benefits of the Starling:

  • The Starling offers real time feedback to parents & caregivers showing them how many words their child is hearing each day.

  • Each day the Starling App provides a ‘Language Learning Tip’ to families, specifically tailored to the age of their child.

  • The Starling is easy for the child to wear, it clips on any item of clothing & the child can't pull it off.

  • The app is free to download to apple & android and an account can be made for each family/child. The same device can be used with multiple families.

  • As a clinician you can log in remotely so you can guide and coach on an ongoing basis. 

  • The app shows the amount of words heard each hour as well as over the day.

  • Each family will have their own target which increases each day, the targets can also be set manually if that suits the situation better. 

  • It is so motivating!


Starling Language Trackers are available to hire or purchase by families, speech language pathologists, preschools, Early Intervention Centres and any other organisations that are committed to helping children learn language!

Check out our guest blog on the Starling that we wrote for Speaktome Speech and Language therapy Here


  • To purchase a Starling $240 ea + $7 tracked postage within New Zealand

  • 3 Week Independent Hire of a Starling Language Tracker $40 + postage

  • 3 Week Hire of a Starling Language Tracker with coaching and guidance from a Speech Language Therapist $80 + postage


Talk Together incorporate the use of the Starling Language Tracker with the 0-4 year olds they work with for Speech Language Therapy at no extra charge.

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