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Hi team, just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU, S has really benefited from her time with you all and we notice a more thoughtful and caring pre-teen emerging! Cheers

- Parent (11-15yr old group)

The skills are definitely transferring - I had L come up to me the other day and say "I need to have a discussion about Child A, he is farting on my lunchbox and I don't like it."  Last year that would have involved a lot of screaming and possibly someone getting hurt!


Thanks for the last update.

It's great hearing about what has been happening in the group and all the topics you have been covering.

We have been sharing the updates with J's teacher and we have all noticed changes in his behaviour in certain situations and feel the group has been really beneficial.

We would be interested in enrolling again for next year.

-Parent (5-10 yr old group)

Yes, I can definitely see his progress after taking the 3 days class.

- Parent (School Holiday Programme)

Morning Megan

Thank you for your great work throughout the course.

A has taken on board the learning, and has grown in confidence about where she sits within her social network and how she portrays herself to others.

Many thanks for putting together a great workshop that helps teens navigate this challenging time of their lives!

- Parent (11-15yr old group)

Thank you SO much Megan! This is much appreciated and was great to read. We'll continue working on these strategies. See you next term!

- Parent (5-10yr old group)

She has just started a new school this year and has been trying hard to make good friend choices and be kind...this is what she told me today.

 - Parent feedback on generalisation of skills from Talk Together groups

This is great, thank you! Really interesting info and very encouraging to hear we are on the right track & have some direction about good next steps.

I’ve already noticed some great steps forward in her social development even at our first 2019 Playcentre session. 

- Parent (1:1 Preschool session)

E was checking how everyone was feeling this morning. Thanks again for yesterday - the kids keep talking about it. We had to do some block breathing today too!

Happy Easter!

- Parent (1:1 session with two siblings)

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