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Christchurch speech language therapy


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So they can live their fullest lives.

Christchurch speech language therapy

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech language therapist's at Talk Together provide fun, interactive speech language therapy for children and teens of all ages. We provide 1:1 sessions in Christchurch and tele-therapy sessions online. Working directly with children to ensure the best therapeutic results we use evidence based therapy approaches that our experienced therapists tailor for your child's needs. We believe speech language therapy should always be fun, children should love their sessions and feel proud of their achievements! We receive referrals from families, schools/preschools,  GPs, and specialists. Simple reach out via the contact us box.

If your child is experiencing any of the below characteristics, speech-language therapy may be able to help.​

  • Your child doesn't talk as much as other children their age

  • They have difficulty following instructions

  • Find some sounds hard to say

  • Get frustrated when they are not understood

  • Experience dysfluency (stuttering)

  • Find it hard to make friends and/or keep them

  • Are difficult to understand

  • Have some type of hearing loss or experience 'glue ear'

  • Have unusual social interactions and/or play

  • Find reading or writing challenging

We are always happy to chat in more depth to see whether this would be a fit!

New Zealand speech therapy

Together We Can Help


We can't wait to meet you! This session is for children and caregivers to attend together.

This is a fun, interactive session where we get to know your child and see what questions and concerns you have.

We will do some assessments, the way we do this and what we use depends on a child's age but it will always feel fun and like a game!

By the end of the assessment you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of your child's communication development.

  • Receive next step recommendations, including if speech language therapy intervention is required.

  • Get 1-2 strategies and next steps to start working on straight away to support your child's communication journey.

  • Receive an email outlining the key points from the assessment session.

Our intervention sessions are fun play and interest based sessions where kids are supported to achieve their communication goals. Kids make awesome progress when they are having fun!

Goals and next steps are decided with families and one of our experienced speech language therapists will be working directly with your child (and their family/team). These sessions can occur via tele-therapy or in-person - whatever works for you!

We can come to you as we know supporting communication development in a child's natural environment works best.

After each intervention session we send a recap video for you to look back on showing what we worked on and something to carry on practicing at home.

In addition to individual support we conduct after school and school holiday group programs. Check these out here! These groups support kids to develop communication skills, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and strategies for managing anxiety with a focus on how to form friendships and maintain them. All while having fun!

Christchurch speech language therapy


At Talk Together we understand the growing need for support for children with communication disorders and so we strive to keep costs low to remain accessible.  We are passionate about what we do and believe that by providing this support we can help change the trajectory of your child's life.  

"I think most Speech-Language Therapists find 'business' a strange term to associate with intervention (I know I did after 9 yrs within the health & education public sectors) but the lack of public funding in NZ for Speech-Language Therapy demands a high quality (but accessible) private sector to 'fill the gaps' and support kids in the ways they deserve."

          - Megan Lewis, Owner + Speech Language Therapist at Talk Together

Sessions can occur at a frequency that suits families. Most families choose to have a session weekly or fortnightly. It is important to practice goals between sessions at home and/or school.

For full pricing, terms and conditions please contact us.

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