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Can Social Skills & Anxiety Management Groups help your child?

Talk Together groups support children to:

  • Make friends & keep them

  • Talk about their emotions

  • Pick up on social cues

  • Navigate social conflicts

  • Manage their anxiety

Talk Together can help

  • What We Do
    Talk Together run social skills and anxiety management groups for preschool, primary, intermediate and high school aged students.

  • Locations
    Groups are currently run in the Christchurch, Selwyn & Waimakariri Districts.

  • After School & School Holidays
    Talk Together Groups are run as after school and school holiday block courses

  • Groups focus on
    Theory of mind development, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication skills, strategies for managing anxiety and emotional regulation while looking at how to form friendships and maintain them. All while having lots of fun! 

  • Community Focused & Affordable
    Groups are run in the community, and costs are kept as low as possible to be accessible to families.

  • Facilitated by Professionals
    Each group is run by two expert facilitators. Find out more about us Here

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