Social Skills Groups

Talk Together is a private specialist social skills group provider.

Our mission is to equip students with social skills to succeed at school, in their wider communities, in friendships & in all relationships with others.

We support kids with mild to moderate social communication challenges.

Our Programmes

The below overarching themes are focused on throughout all of our programmes:

  • Communication skills

  • Forming & maintaining friendships

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Reading social cues

  • Seeing things from others perspectives (Theory of mind)

  • Resilience & confidence development

  • Emotional intelligence (recognising and managing our emotions in healthy ways)

  • Team work

  • Leadership skills


Each and every group is tailored to the children attending. Student's participation, comfort and achievements are constantly assessed and plans are altered throughout the term (even within sessions!) to cater for the specific children in front of us.


We do a range of activities in our groups. These are always changing and are based on the children's goals and interests.


LEGO Therapy

Each programme ulilises some LEGO Therapy- approximately 2/6 sessions. We love LEGO but when we use all of our different tools in our programmes the outcomes for your child are enhanced!


Our groups are held across 4 locations:

  • Rolleston

  • Halswell

  • Rangiora

  • Online


Due to the specialist nature of our groups and our compact team not all groups are run at all locations. Check out our current timetable to find the closest group to you! Feel as if our groups are to far away? Join us online! Our online groups are attended by children throughout New Zealand.

What the Research tells us

  • We need to be social to learn social skills! New social skills need to be learnt & practised together in a group.

  • Social skills groups are great for kids who are not developing social skills as quickly as their peers- for whatever reason.

  • The correct intervention can be really effective in supporting social skills development.

  • Generalisation of skills into everyday life is key to social skills success!

  • Community based and parent-professional collaboration are important factors to help kids generalise skills.

Group Programme Information Pack

Here for a full group pack with lots more information.

Covid Protection Framework

Our priority is your child's health. Online groups are available to everyone regardless of vaccine status. 

Please read our policy here for more information.

Unable to book into the group you want?

It may be full- Please email us to be added to the wait list


Upcoming Groups


Lego Therapy.png

LEGO Therapy- July School Holidays

This is a 4 hour programme run across two consecutive days. Suitable for 5-11 year olds.

Students will work in small groups with similar aged peers supported by our facilitators.


What is LEGO Therapy?

LEGO therapy is an evidence-based and proven way to build strong social, emotional and team work skills while having fun! Kids work in small groups guided by one of our multidisciplinary facilitators to engage in LEGO build projects with others.

LEGO & creating is the vehicle used to achieve student goals as it taps into something kids already love (but often do solo) and layers in social communication and interaction with others. Areas such as emotional regulation and conflict resolution are also supported.

As always our Talk Together groups are tailored to the children attended and kids are supported to work towards their individual goals within a group setting.


12 & 13 July


St Martins

12 & 13 July

Social Skills Groups_Younger.png

5-9 years Social Skills Groups

Setting social skills up for life is our aim here!

Children learn to recognise their role (and contributions) to group tasks, navigate friendship dynamics, see and understand things from others perspectives & develop skills to work effectively in a group. 


5-5.45 pm

Start 2nd August




Start 3rd August




Start 4th August

Social Skills Groups_Older.png

10-13 years Social Skills Groups

This is the age where things get complicated!

There is often a need to 'read the social scene' in situations that in the past were very 'black & white'.

Our focus here is a smooth transition for kids through this phase and robust skills for making friends and 'keeping up' with the social challenges faced while building self confidence.


6-6.45 pm

Start 2nd August




Start 3rd August




Start 4th August

Social Skills Groups_Older.png

14+ years Social Skills Groups

This group has a big social focus with the students having lots of input into the groups direction & content.

Half of each session is a more structured facilitator led topic area and the other half focuses on friendship building,

maintaining & navigating different social contexts through a variety of activities.

For those in the middle & second part of high school. 


7-7.45 pm

Start 2nd August




Start 3rd August


Pathways & Pricing

New Students

1:1 Session with the Talk Together Team

All NEW students enrolling at Talk Together have an initial 30 min 1.1 session with one of our team. This is a stand alone screening & intervention session in one with tangible next steps to walk away with and action. It ensures kids get the absolute most out of their time with us & gives them a chance to start building a relationship with a facilitator so if they then join us in a group it makes coming along on the first day a little easier!


We will cover:

  • Students current challenges and set some next step goals to smash.

  • Provide families & teams with ideas and ways to support the student straight away.

  • Assist with any other referrals the student may need.

  • Assess correct fit for one of our social skills group (we know how hard it is to come along to a group for the first time and we want it to feel right). If a student is not a good fit for our programmes we will tell you! And help you find the supports you need.


The value packed into the session is insane!


$65 +gst online, $90 +gst in-person.

We encourage you to take notes from the session. If you would like us to send notes to you instead there is an additional charge of $25 + gst.

Returning students are welcome to book a 1.1 session at anytime but it is not a requirement.

Term Time Group Programmes

New & Returning Students

What's included?

  • 6x 1 hour in-person OR 6x 45mins online group sessions.

  • Support for parents & school teams.

  • Text messages sent at the end of weeks 2 & 4 outlining areas covered in the sessions and a 'challenge' to complete or a discussion point to support generalising the skills being learnt in the programme.

  • A full summary of the programme including 2-3 next steps tailored to the group- this is perfect to share with your child's school team.

  • Individual feedback on your child outlining achievements & successes, highlighting areas to continue to focus on and specific next steps to support them.

  • An invitation to attend our on-line mid term parent & teacher workshop FREE. These workshops can be attended by others (e.g. your child's teacher or yourself if you have gifted your registration) for $25. The topic changes each term but include areas such as- supporting your child to make friends, teaching theory of mind skills, positive intent, bullying, dealing with social conflicts, supporting kids to regulate their emotions.


In-person $32 +gst per session ($192 + gst total for the term)

Online $24 + gst per session ($144 + gst total for the term)

School Holiday Programmes

New & Returning Students

We run a range of different school holiday programmes including outdoor adventure education programmes & 2-4 day intensive programmes on specific topics. Great for new & returning students. Make sure you are on our enrollment list to hear about our next group!


What's Included?

  • School holiday programme session/s (length of time and number of sessions determined by the type of programme).

  • Support for parents & school teams.

  • A full summary of the programme including 2-3 next steps tailored to the group- this is perfect to share with your child's school team.

  • Individual feedback on your child outlining achievements & successes, highlighting areas to continue to focus on and specific next steps to support them.


School holiday programmes range from $85-$300 +gst + an initial 1.1 session for new students.