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Teenager on Laptop


Our speech language therapists at Talk Together are experienced at providing quality and accessible speech-language therapy to children and their families throughout New Zealand and overseas via tele-therapy. Families who use tele-therapy love it because it is so much more convenient and cost-effective!

What does this mean?

One-to-one sessions and group programs can be held online. We send you a link to join the session so all you need is a device with a camera (ipad, laptop, computer or phone) and an internet connection. The sessions themselves follow the same format as in-person (think games and fun) however, everything is done via technology. 

This gives families more flexibility to attend sessions without having to commute or feel like they need to tidy the house before the speech language therapist visits (never a requirement!) and in turn we see great results. It also means we can get creative! We've held sessions in the paddock while the family makes hay and on holiday. This allows the child to feel comfortable in their surroundings and in turn they gain a lot more from the session. Tele-therapy is also really effective for pre-schoolers.

Does this work?

Yes! Tele-therapy works just as well as in-person face to face intervention. New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association (NZSTA) officially approves tele-therapy as a valid delivery model of speech-language therapy. Talk Together has observed an increase in progress by its clients who use tele-therapy because of the convenience. It's our job to make it fun and keep the child engaged so give it a go! 

"He got off the computer on Tuesday night on a real high - he was happy and felt it had gone well"

"He is absolutely loving this course. Thank you so much, it is so nice to see him happy and engaged like this, it has helped his self confidence immensely."

Parent of 15 year old

 "We are doing Zoom lessons now. My boy has been doing lessons for 2 yrs and still going strong. He loves it"

Parent of 8 year old

 "Thanks Megan. We really enjoy your sessions and so does Z. He is binge- watching
Jack and the Beanstalk now!"

Grandmother of 3 year old

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