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Megan Lewis

Paedeatric Speech Language Therapist

BSLT(Hon), Registered member of NZSTA, NZSTA Expert Advisor: Hearing Loss & Cochlear Implants

Megan is the founder of Talk Together speech-language therapy and co-founder of social skills groups. She is a registered member of the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists'  Association.

Megan has many years experience as a specialist paediatric speech-language therapist. She is highly experienced working with children who have a hearing loss and enjoys working with children with complex communication needs.

Megan is passionate about working with preschool and school age children to reach their communication potential.

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Ellen Mckee

Speech Language Therapist

BSLP(Hons), Registered member of NZSTA

Ellen is a Paediatric Speech Language Therapist and social skills group facilitator for Talk Together. She is a registered member of the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists' Association.

She is experienced working with children with a wide variety of communication needs. She is passionate about supporting children to build the communication skills needed to succeed in life.

Ellen believes that children learn best when having fun in a natural and supported environment.

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Kyra Portis

Speech Language Therapist

BSLP(Hons), Registered member of NZSTA

Kyra works in education as a speech and language therapist in Canterbury and is a Talk Together social skills group facilitator. She is a registered member of the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists' Association.

She is experienced in working with children and families to find and use practical strategies to help support their communication skills.

Kyra values relationships and believes that including all significant people in a child's life will best support them to reach their communication potential.  

Jacqui is an outdoor educator with over 13 years experience and a Talk Together social skills group facilitator.

A strong focus of her career has been working in leadership programs helping her students develop self awareness, self confidence, communication skills and how to work effectively within groups.

Jacqui takes a strong interest in seeing the positive change in both groups and individuals.

​Katie is a co-founder of the Talk Together social skills groups. She enjoys supporting primary and high school age students to develop their emotional intelligence, resilience and techniques they can use to manage feelings of anxiety.

Alisha is a Primary School & Reading Recovery Teacher and a Talk Together facilitator. She is passionate about equipping students with the social and emotional regulation skills needed within the classroom & playground.

She is trained in the Incredible Years  Behavior support program and ensures the skills learnt within Talk Together groups can be successfully generalised into everyday life. She enjoys talking with parents and teachers about how this can be achieved.

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Jacqui McCracken

Outdoor Educator

Child/Adolescent Psyc dip grad 2020, Recreational Leadership dip

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Katie Thomas

Senior Counsellor

MEdPsyc, PgDipEdPsyc, DPC, BA

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Alisha Chinnery

Teacher - Primary & Reading Recovery


Children Running

"We notice a thoughtful and caring pre-teen emerging!"

Hi team, just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU, S has really benefited from her time with you all and we notice a more thoughtful and caring pre-teen emerging! 

Parent (11-15 year old group)

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