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Exercise: how to understand personal space and improve social skills

Updated: Jan 10

This exercise was developed in collaboration with Manahau: Nurturing Tamariki, Classroom, and Whānau Wellbeing! It will give you a practical way to help your child understand the importance of personal space and improve social skills.

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The exercise: Start the session with a kōrero around space bubbles and why they are important, explain that our space bubble is the area around our body that makes us feel safe. We can invite people into our space bubble, for example for a hug. But when people come into our space bubble uninvited, like when they're standing too close while talking to us, this doesn't always feel good. Have tamariki pair up and take turns walking towards each other saying “stop” when they feel that their bubble has been popped, to add a bit of fun tamariki could say “pop” once they feel that their space bubble has been popped. After this short activity, have a kōrero about how tamariki felt when their bubble popped and how we are able to invite people into our bubble for example, someone might be holding their hands out for a hug and how we can choose to accept the hug, or not. Ask tamariki to consider other instances when we invite others into our space bubble (sports, games) and how we can be respectful of others' personal space.

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